AARON FINK's photographic zeal began at an early age when he would accompany his cousin Jerry Wachter, a famous sports photographer, to sporting events. Aaron worked closely with his cousin, learning basic photographic and darkroom techniques. In 1979, his passion for the ocean led him to discover the joys and wonders of scuba diving. He obtained his open water certification through NAUI in 1985, followed by his advanced open water training in 1986. Later that same year, he purchased his first underwater camera and discovered a new arena in which to apply his photographic skills.

An ardent student of the sea, Aaron brings the gifts of a medical background - a love of life, compassion, and scientific rigor - to his photography. Along the way, he has worked with Ella Jean Morgan, Franklin Viola, and Donald Tipton in this ongoing quest for artistic excellence. Aaron always aims to maximize light, texture, and composition in conveying the beauty of his subjects.

Aaron resides in Sarasota, FL with his wife, Vicki, who shares his passion for the beauty of our world, both above and below the water.